Which Lightning Loader® model is right for my trash collection?

When you’re looking to replenish your fleet of trash trucks, you need to make sure that you have the best Lightning Loader® model for trash collection. Nothing says quality, experience, and expertise like Petersen and our line of grapple trucks, but which grapple truck is the best for trash collection? We have the answers right here.

Lightning Loader collecting trash

Model TL3 Grapple Trash Truck – It’s going to be hard to beat the TL3 which is our standard trash grapple loader. With a 20-foot boom reach and the ability to lift up to3,200 pounds, it is a must have for any serious professional who needs to move fast and get the job done right with minimal labor.

RS3 Rear Steer Grapple Loader– This model is very popular for use in large urban areas. Designed for high speed pickup in high volume areas. This model is perfect to keep all operators inside truck cabs and out of streets.

Atlas Lightning Loader – Finally, since designed for the heaviest of application, the Atlas can handle the toughest of jobs. With 360 degrees of boom rotation and unparalleled speed of operation, this is the ideal truck for those who must do bulk or debris pickup. While a great unit for daily collections, we always see a surge in demand around storms, natural disasters, and cleanup seasons.

Atlas Lightning Loader

CP3  Lightning Loader – A radical new way to transport and deliver front loader containers. If you have at least 2 front load garbage trucks in your fleet, you need a CP3 Lightning Loader for transportation of your containers. Traditional CD trucks only carry one front loader container at a time, but a CP3 will carry a minimum of three containers.

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