Used Grapple Trucks and Grapple Loaders For Sale in Florida

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Quality Used Grapple Trucks from Petersen Industries, Inc.

At Petersen Industries, Inc., we specialize in the supply and sale of used grapple loaders and equipment to individuals and businesses across Florida. Our collection of grapple trucks include 2019 Petersen TL3 Lightning Loader, 2019 Petersen AL1 Lightning Loader, 2019 Petersen RS3 Lightning Loader, and 2020 Petersen TL3 Lightning Loader.

Furthermore, we offer quality and outstanding service. Our grapple trucks are highly affordable, durable, and reliable. These trucks are suitable for a wide range of activities, including green waste collection, debris pickup, storm clean up, hauling bulky waste, and more. They will provide the best bang for your buck.

Why Choose Our Used Grapple Truck

For anyone considering buying grapple trucks, there is usually the dilemma of choosing between new and used grapple trucks for sale. Actually, both can be great. However, there are lots of reasons to opt for used machinery. Here are some reasons to purchase our used grapple truck at Petersen Industries, Inc.

Highly Reliable and Durable

Our heavy-duty grapple trucks are highly reliable and durable. They are designed to handle all kinds of debris pickup and bulky waste hauling jobs, even in the most extreme conditions. You can be certain that our used truck will serve all your needs excellently.

Optimal Working Condition

In addition, all our grapple trucks for sale are often inspected to make sure they are in optimal working condition. In many instances, our experts will perform necessary maintenance and repairs. Likewise, we ensure that worn-out parts are replaced.

Save Cost

Another reason to purchase our grapple truck for sale is to help save costs. Compared to new trucks, our used grapple trucks are much cheaper. You can save a lot of money which may be used for other investments or put into other aspects of your business.

Spare Parts Are Readily Available

Above all, spare parts of our grapple trucks and equipment are readily available. You can easier find the replacement parts when required. Also, they cost less.

Turn to Us for Quality and Reliable Used Grapple Trucks

For your quality and reliable grapple trucks, turn to us at Petersen Industries, Inc. We offer a huge collection of grapple loaders that are highly reliable, durable, efficient, and safe. This equipment can operate without bringing about any negative impact on the environment.

What’s more, we have different models of grapple trucks that are suitable for hauling bulky wastes and picking up debris easily. As an industry leader, our aim is to make debris collection time saving and eliminate the need for manual labor. Also, our grapple trucks for sale are convenient for your environment.

Contact us today to learn more about our machinery, equipment, and other services. With our grapple loaders and trucks, all your waste collection, hauling, and management needs will be efficiently covered.