Top Four reasons you’ll Need Grapple Truck

Grapple Trucks are Powerful Tools

Lightning Loader Grapple truck

If you’ve ever seen a grapple truck in action, you know that it is capable of doing many powerful tasks simply and easily. But how can you tell if grapple trucks are right for you? They’re right for these industries, why not yours? Check the top four reasons you will need a grapple truck.


The Top Industries to Use Grapple Trucks

Green Waste Collection

One of the most common uses nationwide is to collect brush, trees, leaves, shrubs, and grass clippings with a grapple truck. This can be in large bulk piles, bags, or in green waste carts.

Debris Pickup

The flip side of this is to use our trucks for debris pickup;  making it incredibly easy to manage and move a lot of debris. This is invaluable asset for the not only for the waste industry but also the construction industry.

Storm Clean Up

Storms, including hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, wind storms, ice storms, and floods, cause a lot of residential and public damage over time. All of these situations generally result in streets piled with debris that need to be safely collected. The most important part of a disaster readiness plan is to have the equipment you need before the event.


Street Department Maintenance

Black & White picture of a grapple truck

Additionally, the Lightning Loader is the ideal solution for any organization that needs to maintain streets, bridges, drainage. The loader can lift whole sections of sidewalk without needing to break it up further, reach over the side of bridges, and down into ditches.

Petersen Industries

Our TL-3, Rear Steer, and Atlas Lightning Loader units are perfect for picking up debris and hauling it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Let our Lightning Loader® units help you with all your debris collection efforts by saving you time and reducing or eliminating manual labor. We also maintain a rental fleet of Lightning Loaders to help with truck down situations, annual cleanups, and storm seasons; please contact us about availability.

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