Grapple Loader Parts & Service

Although our customers tell us that our grapple loader equipment has the best in-service rate, anything that works this hard is eventually going to need some repair. We are dedicated to sending you parts lightning fast, so that you can get back to work. Most parts are shipped the same day, and we maintain over $750,000.00 in parts inventory.

Our warranty claims have dropped 60% since 2001 because of our ongoing efforts in design improvement! If you still need grapple loader parts & service, contact us today.

Grapple Loader Parts

Have your operators had a training refresher lately?

Petersen has recently released the new and improved “Trash Loader Training” DVD. The DVD covers operation, daily inspections, general maintenance, and scheduled maintenance.

Available for a limited time price of $15.00 per copy plus S & H. Call to order.

Operator Training

Boom-up Warning System Advisory & Offer

If you purchased a Lightning Loader® before 2004, we want to advise you of a new safety feature that can be immediately retrofitted on your Petersen Lightning Loader® for a modest cost. We are offering for sale by mail a “boom up” warning system.

This warning system is designed to be installed with a sensor on the boom, and an audible alarm and light in the truck cab. When an operator enters the truck cab after using the Lightning Loader®, the warning light and audible alarm will alert him if the boom travel height exceeds 13 feet. This system is being offered for sale by mail, with installation instructions. If you choose to bring your Lightning Loader® to the Petersen Facility in Lake Wales, FL (at your own expense), we will install the “boom up” warning system for a fee, which includes parts and installation.

This system should be viewed as a tool to help operators measure the height of their boom, but more importantly, to warn Lightning Loader® operators that their boom is above safe height for travel. It is not intended to replace an operator’s good judgment on the safe travel height of their boom. Call our Parts Department at 1-800-930-5623 (Option 5) or direct dial 1-863-223-0252 to order your Boom Up retrofit.