Storm Debris

Storm Debris Removal

At Petersen Industries, we recognize that clean up after a significant storm can place a strain on both the public and on City resources. We want to help you prepare for any natural disaster, by adding our grapple trucks to your fleet before storm season.

Storm Clean Up ContractorsHurricane Irma left many cities and counties in Florida scrambling to find grapple trucks to collect storm debris throughout their city. Some cities had private contractors lined up prior to storm season for any possible debris collection needs, only to find that when Irma left the contractors had already taken jobs in Texas cleaning up after Hurricane Harvey. Several cities and private contractors tried to find grapple trucks after the storms passed, only to find the supply did not meet the demand. Our Lightning Loaders can be used year round for your debris and bulky waste collection needs, don’t wait until after the storm passes to realize you should have a grapple truck in your inventory.

With Lightning Loaders in your fleet, you’re ready to start recovery immediately after the storm strikes, whether it is an ice storm, hurricane, or tornado. Petersen understands that a quick response is imperative so that utility trucks can reach downed power lines and utility poles. Many customers find that using our model RS3 Rear Steer® works great in assisting first responders. Our Rear Steer® unit can fit into smaller spaces and clear roadways fast, allowing emergency personnel and utility trucks to pass through the streets.

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Our TL3, DL3, and Atlas Lightning Loader units are perfect for picking up debris and hauling it to the dump as a one-man operation. Let our Lightning Loader® units help you with your storm debris collection efforts more efficient by saving you time and manual labor. We also offer several of our TL3 Trash Lightning Loaders as rental units, please contact us about availability.
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