Sidewalk Removal Using Lightning Loaders ®

Rear Steer Grapple Loader

The Lightning Loader is our signature product at Petersen Industries. But not only is it a perfect tool for moving debris, but it's also incredibly useful when it comes to removing sidewalks. The grapple on a lightning loader is the perfect size to grab an entire section of sidewalk and lift in one piece.

Precision – With 360 degrees continuous grapple rotation; it is easy to precisely position the truck to maximize the load.

Endurance – Petersen has the reputation for long service life in the toughest environments. Our loaders able to take anything you throw at them. While also providing a state-of-the-art hydraulic and filter system ensuring optimal usage for a long time.

StrengthLightning loaders powered by tandem pumps as a standard with more powerful options on our larger loaders. The tandem pump allows the loader to quick lift extremely heavy sections with fluid movement.

Our Quadstick® mechanical joysticks make learning and using this piece of equipment seamless. By combining speed of operation and overall reach, operators are able to remove “over 75 feet of concrete in 15 minutes”.

You just cut along every second or third expansion joint, then lift out the large segments. Most of our customers use a TL3 with a Hardox body for this application, but it could also be accomplished using a Lightning Rear Steer® that loads into separate dump trucks.

Lightning Loader

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