Post-Hurricane Season Clean Up

Post Hurricane Clean Up - Grapple TrucksNow that hurricane season is upon us; it’s time to clean up around the neighborhood with the proper trucks in your fleet. The city has a limited amount of resources, and after a storm, it’s more imperative than ever to assist residents with clearing the streets and sidewalks. Florida is home to natural disasters such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, and most often, hurricanes. With that fact kept in mind, it’s no doubt that Petersen has trucks in their lineup that can alleviate the after-effects.

Substantial Damage & Debris

Of course, throughout the world, there are natural disasters that are geared for each region. For South Florida individually, we endure a six-month hurricane season each year. Whenever we’re lucky enough to pass through those months without taking a hit, it’s a sigh of relief. However, when high-speed winds and floods of rain bombard us, we can expect for debris to spread through our neighborhoods and communities.

Trucks Designated for Post-hurricane Season Clean Up

  • TL3 – As one of our most popular trash loader trucks, this single operator can haul and dump massive amounts of trash. The TL3 allows for multiple variations to accommodate the needs of whoever is utilizing the car. With this enormous loader, you’re receiving a maximum lift capacity of 7000 lbs., horizontal and vertical outriggers, and an enclosed hose recoil system.
  • RS3 – Features you won’t find anywhere else are the abilities to drive in reverse, and not needing outriggers for almost all loading operations. Our RS3 Rear Steer Grapple Loader is excellent for high-volume collection and is our most advanced and efficient system for collecting scrap. Operators are looking at an enclosed cab, a tandem pump, suspension locks, several joystick selections, making up a durable, reliable loader.

Petersen Industries

All of our products are built with quality in mind. During a storm, everyone is in survival mode, but when it’s all said and done, that’s when it’s time to get everything back in working order. Our grapple truck loaders are the perfect secret weapon in clearing out debris and post-hurricane season clean up, and it only takes one expert to do it. Save time and labor with our grapple trucks, and make a severe dent in the efforts of your community. For a quote or any questions, please give us a call at (863) 676-1493.