RS-3 Rear Steer®

Model RS-3 - Rear Steer Lightning Loader

Great system for high volume route collection. The most advanced and efficient system for collecting trash on the market. Two features that set this unit apart are the ability to drive in reverse from the operator’s station and not needing outriggers for most loading operations.

The Lightning Rear Steer® drives behind, and loads into separate haul trucks from a single lane. To learn more about the Lightning Rear Steer®, click on the “Watch a Video” tab below.

  • Twin mechanical joystick controls
  • Operator cab has air-conditioning, heat, air-ride seat and windshield wipers
  • Operator cab also features all normal driving controls for driving backwards; brakes, acceleration, horn, etc.
  • 20 ft. boom reach includes 4 ft. telescopic extension
  • Large counter-weight and suspension locks add stability for loading
  • Counterbalance valves on all boom cylinders for safety
Standard Features

1) Driving Suite
Driving suite includes steering wheel, brake and accelerator pedal, transmission controls, horn, windshield wipers, air ride seat, and accessory power.  Option diagnostic screen available.

2)  Operator Controls
     Operator controls for loader, outriggers, and suspension locks.

3)  Enclosed Cab
     Enclosed cab with windows throughout (including roof) and full heat and A/C.

4)  Improved Mobility
Steering axle to the rear during rear steer mode for maximum mobility and tight alleys.

5)  Tandem Pump
    Tandem pump for faster operation of multiple functions.

6)  Suspension Locks
    Suspension locks bypass leaf springs to allow a more stable platform when working without outriggers deployed.

7)  Steel Counterweight
    4″ steel counterweight allows the operator to load most debris without using the outriggers.