The Rear Mount Grapple Truck Model RL-3

Model RL-3 - Rear Mount

The rear-mounted RL-3 is designed for loading into attached trailers or into separate haul trucks.

  • 20 ft. boom reach includes 4 ft. telescopic extension
  • Standard control type is dual walk-thru
  • Also available with patented QUADSTICK® controls – 4 six function mechanical joysticks
  • Trailer package option – includes float control, pintle hitch, diverter valve, and quick coupler
  • Boom stows in rear rack or in trailer

System Description

Petersen Model RL-3 rear-mounted loader is mounted to a short frame chassis. The RL-3 loads into attached dump trailers or into separate haul trucks.

Reach (from centerline rotation): 20 ft
Main Boom and Tip Boom: 16 ft
Tip Extension: 4 ft
Tare Weight (Empty): 18,2401bs
Front Axle Weight: 5,100 lbs
Rear Axle Weight: 13,140 lbs
Outrigger Span: 11ft 8in
Storage Height: 13ft 2in

Lifting Capacities

Over Rear Over Side
10 ft 7,100 lbs 5,500 lbs
16 ft 4,400 lbs 3,100 lbs
20 ft 3,2001bs 1,800 lbs

Weight of bucket and/or attachments must be subtracted from lift capacities shown. Standard bucket weighs appx. 1000 lbs. Capacities shown do not exceed 85% of vehicle tipping moment with outriggers fully extended on firm, level ground.

Bucket Features

The bucket is 4ft long wilh an opened width of 5ft between pickup blades. Anti-scalping bucket sides are pivot mounted to provide a horizontal closing action rather than a vertical digging motion. Sides are mechanically linked to single hydraulic cylinder to ensure that both sides close and open together.
No hydraulic hoses below bucket rotator.

Recommended Chassis Specification (Minimum)

Body Style Conventional Cab
Cab-to-Axle Dimension 84 in
Front Axle Rating 9,000 lbs
Rear Axle Rating 21,000 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 30,000 lb
Frame RBM 900,000

Operator Controls

Dual manual controls (greaseless) for outriggers and loader on bolh sides of Ihe lruck for easy access and visibility. Also available wilh “QuadSlick” dual joyslick controls. Side-mount seat controls or allweather cab are available.


A-frame pedestal design allows flexing under repeated load shocks. Replaceable Cast Nylon bushings used in head assembly. Head assembly is stress relieved. Reinforced connection points with hardened pins and replaceable bushings. Counterbalance valves used on boom cylinders and pilot operated check valves used on vertical outrigger cylinders.