DL3 & Atlas Joysticks 146

Model DL-3 - High Capacity Loader

The DL-3 does more volume! Introducing the model DL-3, nicknamed “the Twister”. Engineered for high volume collection operations after hurricanes, icestorms, or tornadoes. Operated by dual mechanical joystick controls located at the stationary top-mount seat. The DL-3 is great for disaster cleanup, but is also versatile enough that you can use it for your regular bulky trash and brush collection routes and need a larger body size.

  • Faster than chipping and less invasive than a wheel loader
  • Single operator turn-key system
  • Great tool for hauling land clearing or site prep debris
  • Duty cycle rated and proven
  • Stationary top-mount mechanical joystick controls
  • 40-45 cubic yard trash dump body
  • ANSI Z245 Compliant
Standard Features