DL3 & Atlas Joysticks 146

Model DL-3 – High Capacity Loader

The DL-3 does more volume! Introducing the model DL-3, nicknamed “the Twister”. Engineered for high volume collection operations after hurricanes, ice storms, or tornadoes. Operated by dual mechanical joystick controls located at the stationary top-mount seat. The DL-3 is great for disaster cleanup but is also versatile enough that you can use it for your regular bulky trash and brush collection routes and need a larger body size.

  • Faster than chipping and less invasive than a wheel loader
  • Single operator turn-key system
  • Great tool for hauling land clearing or site prep debris
  • Duty cycle rated and proven
  • Stationary top-mount mechanical joystick controls
  • 40-45 cubic yard trash dump body
  • ANSI Z245 Compliant

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Standard Features
Standard Features



Reach (from centerline rotation) 20 feet
Main Boom and Tip 800m 16 feet
Tip Extension 4 feet
Tare Weight (empty) 36,660 lbs
Front Axle Weight 10,860 lbs
Rear Axle Weight 25,800 lbs
Outrigger Span 11′ 8″
Storage Height 12′ 5″
Dump Body Hoist Capacity 35 tons
Overall Height 12′ 4″
Tandem Pump

Lifting Capacity

10 Foot Radius 7,100 lbs
16 Foot Radius 4,400 lbs
20 Foot Radius 3,200 lbs
The weight of bucket and or attachments must be subtracted from lift capacities shown. Standard bucket weighs appx. 1000 lbs. Capacities shown do not exceed 85% of vehicle tipping moment with outriggers fully extended on firm, level ground.

Bucket Features

All-purpose clamshell design, 4 feet wide with an opened width of 5 feet. Replaceable bolt-on bucket blades made of high impact tempered steel. Anti-scalping bucket sides are pivot mounted to provide a horizontal closing action rather than a vertical digging motion. Sides are mechanically linked to the single hydraulic cylinder to ensure both sides close and open together. Continuous rotation. No hoses below bucket rotator.

Sample Chassis Specification

Body Style Conventional Cab
Cab-to-Trunnion Dimension 171″
Front Axle Rating 14,000 lbs
Rear Axle Rating 40,000 lbs
Tag Axle Rating 20,000 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 74,000 lbs
Frame 2,500,000 RBM
Engine 340 HP Diesel

These are not complete chassis specifications. Call your Petersen representative about other possible chassis arrangements and for complete chassis specs.

Trash Body

22 feet, 45 cubic yard capacity is standard size. Solid plate floor on cross members with 12″ centers.

Operator Controls

Operator station is located on a stationary platform above the truck cab to provide good visibility of the loading area and of the inside of the dump body. Two mechanical six function joysticks located on either side of the operator seat control loader operation. Outrigger controls are located to the left of the operator seat. Body dump controls are located inside the chassis cab.


A-frame pedestal design allows flexing under repeated load shocks. Replaceable Cast Nylon Bushings used in head assembly. Head assembly is stress relieved. Reinforced connection points with hardened pins and replaceable bushings. Counterbalance valves used on all boom cylinders and pilot operated check valves used on vertical outrigger cylinders.



Please call us at  800-930-LOAD for more information about the DL-3 unit.