Model CP-3 – Container Transport

Container Transport using the CP-3 Lightning Loader®

Introducing the CP-3 container transport Lightning Loader@. This model was designed to make your container pick-up and deliveries more efficient, saving time and fuel. This container transport truck can carry three large containers at once or many smaller ones. The CP-3 container lifts and hauls containers, letting you get the job done quicker with no trailer required. The operator is able to minimize the headache and downtime that comes with hooking up, loading, hauling, and backing a trailer.

The CP-3 unit works with our grapple arm by utilizing our patented crab container lifting attachment engineered to automatically lock onto ANSI compliant commercial front load containers. The arm extends out and latches itself onto the containers. The arm then swings the container over and places it on the back of the truck. If there is more than one container, you will repeat the process as money times as necessary to get all of the containers onto the body. The body features low sides for easy loading.

Don’t waste your money, one CP-3 unit could take the place of three rear fork container delivery trucks. This switch could provide your company with 1/3 the costs of payroll, capital, fuel, and insurance expenses; ultimately saving your company $75,000 a year! The CP-3 can also be used for debris pick-up by simply switching out the CRAB ATTACHMENT® for our standard grapple bucket; making it a multi-purpose unit within your fleet.

Watch the video below of our company President, Casey Hardee, operating our CP-3 demo unit on the route with Waste Pro.

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Standard Features
Standard Features

1) QUADSTICK® mechanically linked dual joystick controls with “Sure-Grip” safety interlock are the standard on the
CP-3 unit.

2) Standard swing lock to prevent boom movement over the containers or sides of the body.

3) Extended pedestal for can clearance

4) 22’ body that can carry up to three 8-yard containers

5) Automatic grabber for commercial front load containers; lifting rings and chains standard for special lifting

6) Non-dumping body for lowest clearance


Reach (from centerline rotation): 20 feet 7 inches
Main Boom and Tip Boom: 16 feet
Tip Extension: 4 feet
Outrigger Span: 11′ 8″
Storage Height: 11′ 3″

Boom Lifting Capacity
10 Foot Radius: 7,100 lbs
16 Foot Radius: 4,400 lbs
20 Foot Radius: 3,200 lbs

Weight of attachment (440 lbs) must be subtracted from lift capacities shown. Capacities shown do not exceed 85% of vehicle tipping moment with outriggers fully extended on firm, level ground. Please note that lifting capacity is further limited by capacity of crab attachment.

Crab Attachment Features
Attachment claws open to 48 inches to accomodate standard front loading container pockets. Top of pockets must be a maximum of 42 inches from top of container. Limited to 4,000 lb. lifting capacity. Intended for use with empty containers.

Recommended Chassis Specification (Minimum)
Body Style: Conventional Cab
Cab-to-Axle Dimension: 192″
Front Axle Rating: 12,000 lbs.
Rear Axle Rating: 21,000 lbs.
GVWR: 33,000 lbs.
Frame: 1,500,000 RBM
Engine: 230 HP Diesel
Transmission: Allison 3000 RDS Automatic

Transport Body
Standard body is 22 ft long with low sides for easy loading. Floor constructed of 3/16″ plate with crossmembers on 12″ centers.

Operator Controls
Dual manual controls (greaseless) for outriggers and loader on both sides of the truck for easy access and visibility. Also available with “QUADSTICK®,” dual joystick controls.

A-frame pedestal design allows flexing under repeated load shocks. Replaceable Cast Nylon bushings used in head assembly. Head assembly is stress relieved. Reinforced connection points with hardened pins and replaceable bushings. Counterbalance valves used on boom cylinders and pilot operated check valves used on vertical outrigger cylinders.