Illegal Dumpsite Cleanup Using Grapple Loaders

Illegal Dumpsite Cleanup

“Illegally dumped wastes are primarily materials that are dumped to avoid either disposal fees or the time and effort required for proper disposal.”

~EPA Illegal Dumping Prevention Guidebook 2005

Reed, Stowe & Yanke (now R.W. Beck) stated in their Targeted Illegal Dumper Study for the North Central TX Council of Governments that 42% of all illegal dumping is resultant from the “lack of convenient or affordable collection services.” According to Reed, Stowe & Yanke’s study, the average cost per ton for collecting illegally dumped material is approximately $326 and the average cost per dump site cleaned up totals approximately $805. Their suggestion was to take preventative measures by providing “adequate levels of brush and bulky collection services,” and to aide cleanup, the Public Works department in all five case studies “should be equipped with a brush truck;” aka grapple truck.

How to Deal with Illegal Dumpsites in your City:

Illegal dumpsites are a mess that nobody wants to clean up. But if you had a vehicle which could easily clean up dumpsite materials, would it increase your chances of doing so? Many townships and cities are investing their public works and tax dollars to purchase a Lightning Loader® grapple truck for this very reason.

grapple loader illegal dump site

You can use Lightning Loader® systems to provide an inexpensive and legal disposal option for bulky trash, and also for cleaning up existing illegal dumpsites.

The Lightning Loader® is the fastest loading truck on the market. The investment alone would pay for itself when it comes to cleaning up your city. With easy maneuverability, quick loading times, and a dedicated team, dumpsites and more can be cleared out in no time.

While illegal dumpsites are a nuisance and a hazard to everyday life, the best investment is to solve the problem, not move around it. When it comes to picking up debris, partner with Petersen and push through the problem, not against it.