Demolition using Grapple Trucks

Demolition using Grapple Truck

An operator in Avon Park, FL uses his TL3 Trash Loader Grapple Truck to demolish old buildings.

According to Alfred Hodge, Director of Public Works, the City uses their Lightning Loader® systems to tear down condemned drug houses. Using the loaders for this purpose allows employees to keep a further distance from the possible structural problems, chemicals and other unknown substances that could be present in these houses versus traditional methods of demolition.

After peeling off the roof with a TL3, they reach in and remove the contents of the building. They complete the demolition by pulling off large portions of the walls and loading them into the body until the house is demolished down the the remaining slab.

Using grapple trucks for this application is efficient because the trucks have the capability to demolish and haul away debris without the need for additional haul trucks or to trailer in additional machinery, such as a backhoe. It also limits employee exposure to hazardous chemicals. Alfred stated that the City has been able to demolish and haul away whole buildings in just one morning's time.

Not all demolition trucks are equal. Most only handle one step of the process, and keep the operator too close to the danger.

We offer a unique take on the standard demolition truck model—enabling your workers to safely accomplish more work with efficiency.

Demolition using Grapple Truck

Demolition Using Lightning Loaders®

Petersen offers a number of options for your demolition needs, but the starting point is the Lightning Loader®. Whether it’s a TL-3 or its big brother, the DL-3, the Lightning Loader® is ideal for reaching in and tearing down structures—even from a distance.

The Lightning Loader limits the need for additional equipment, handling the demolition, cleanup, and haul away. Customers are always impressed by the speed and efficiency that this machine can tear down and clean up.

Popular Models for Demolition

The TL3 Trash Loader

The most popular of Petersen’s trash loaders is the TL3 Trash Loader. This is a highly versatile unit that is ideal for demolition, as well as loading, dumping and hauling. When fully extended, the grapple can lift over 3,200 pounds, making it perfect for large job sites.

The BL3 Knuckle Boom Loader

The BL3 Knuckle Boom Loader allows you to load and swap out rollout containers so the Lightning Loader® never has to leave the site.

The DL3 High Capacity Loader

The DL3 High Capacity Grapple Loader offers the best visibility and hauling capacity. The stationary top mount seat allows for a view of all the surrounding area. Our two biggest body sizes, 40 and 45 cubic yards, give you more time loading and less time driving.

Spend some time looking through our different models or visit your local Petersen dealer to see how a Petersen Lightning Loader® will make your demolition jobs safe and efficient.