Grapple Truck Applications

You never know what amazing and down right creative, ideas our customers come up with.

According to Alfred Hodge, Director of Public Works, the City uses their Lightning Loader® systems to tear down condemned drug houses. Using the loaders for this purpose allows employees to keep a further distance from the possible structural problems, chemicals and other unknown substances that could be present in these houses versus traditional methods of demolition.

After peeling off the roof with a TL3, they reach in and remove the contents of the building. They complete the demolition by pulling off large portions of the walls and loading them into the body until the house is demolished down the the remaining slab.

Demolition using Grapple Truck

Grapple Truck Applications

Grapple trucks are the more efficient and safer way to collect bulky trash and brush!

Our boom and bucket were specially designed so as to avoid snaggs on branches.

Make your front loader container transport with more efficiency, saving time and fuel.

Enabling your workers to safely accomplish more work with efficiency.

 Lightning Loader® systems to provide an inexpensive and legal disposal option for bulky trash

Did you know that a Lightning Loader® is an efficient sidewalk removal tool?

Prepare for any natural disaster, by adding our grapple trucks to your fleet before storm season.

Grapple Truck Collection System Comparison

Grapple Truck Applications - Comparisons

Loader & Body System

The model TL3 Trash Truck Lightning Loader® (can also use DL3, HL3, or PL3) loads, hauls, and dumps trash.

ADVANTAGE: One person can handle the total operation without trouble.

Grapple Truck Applications - Comparisons

Rear Steer & Haul Truck System

The RS3 Rear Steer Lightning Loader drives behind and loads into haul trucks from a single lane.

ADVANTAGE: The fastest load cycle time, loader stays on route, climate-controlled operator cab.

Grapple Truck Applications - Comparisons

Rear Mounted Loader & Haul; Truck System

The BL3 Kuckle Boom Grapple Loader lets you easily swap containers so your shuttle truck can do the shuttling while your loader keeps loading.

ADVANTAGE: The grapple loader stays on route, easy container swapping, continuous loading.

Grapple Truck Applications - Comparisons

Rear Mounted Loader & Trailer System

The model RL3 Rear Mount Lightning Loader® loads into connected trailers.

ADVANTAGE: It saves time and is more efficient than traditional loading methods

Grapple Truck Applications - Comparisons

Rear Mounted Loader & Haul Truck System

The model RL3 Rear Mount Lightning Loader® loads into separate haul trucks.

ADVANTAGE: The grapple loader stays on route, continuous loading