AL1 Atlas Lightning Loader - Heavy Duty Grapple Loader

Atlas Lightning Loader - Grapple Loader

Get Maximum Power, Efficiency, & Peak Performance

The model AL1 Atlas Lightning Loader is a heavy duty grapple loader mounted onto a chassis from behind the cab, equipped with Petersen’s Big Bite bucket at the end of the boom. The loader operates from a seated platform that rotates with the boom. CNG Capable.

Petersen Atlas Grapple Loader Advantages


Atlas is designed to save time in multiple areas:

  • The work-site set-up is easier and quicker with custom outrigger placement and a boom that can continuously rotate 360° degrees.
  • During operation, the variable speed pump allows you to use any combination of functions without slowing down while dumping. The dump hoist is power up and gravity down with twin multi-stage telescopic cylinders, giving us a 45% faster dump cycle.


In this industry, it’s not only about how many hits you can take, but about how long you can keep operating at peak performance. That’s why Atlas offers:

  • A state-of-the-art hydraulic and filtration system designed to keep this vital portion of the loader running as smoothly as possible.
  • Fully skinned bucket and body in Hardox 450 steel for extreme wear and tear.


Atlas delivers maximum power during all stages:

  • Lifting – Whether it’s a tree or a Suburban, our lift cylinders can handle any job.
  • Crushing – Twin cylinders on the Big Bite Bucket can make short work of the
    small stuff.
  • Dumping – We have the heaviest and most stable lifting hoist for whatever you’ll be loading throughout the day.

Top Seat

Because of the proportional joysticks, the foot pedal swing, and an oversized seat designed for maximum comfort, you could stay up here all day long.

Grapple Loader Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System

Experience the most precise and efficient execution in the industry. Our variable speed pump gives you control where you want it, when you want it, without slowing down.

Grapple Loader Gear Box

Slewing System/Gearbox

Steady as she goes.
Our stabilizing swing circuit ensures smooth starts and stops, reducing the overall stress on the boom and slewing system. After three seconds of inactivity, the integral break locks down the boom which eliminates the need for a mechanical swing lock.

Grapple Loader Outriggers

H-Style Outriggers

Horizontal and vertical outriggers act independently of each other, allowing the operator to have incredible accuracy in maneuvering around obstructions and traffic patterns. Not only does this provide a wider base than an A-frame system, the vertical outrigger leg is the ideal position for our heavy duty strobe light.

Grapple Loader Cylinders


We utilize many of the same great cylinders that have been tried and true in our other models over the years. This means that if you are a current customer, you’ll have some interchangeability with other products. If you are a new customer, you can be confident in our legendary reputation for quality and durability.

Grapple Loader big bite bucket

Big Bite Bucket

We’ve skinned this larger bucket in Hardox 450 so you can use the full force of the cylinders without worrying about tearing a hole in your bucket. With simple hose routing and brake washers on both axes, this is the easiest and smoothest operating two cylinder bucket you’ll find.

Grapple Loader MHX Body

MHX Body

Full disclosure, MHX stands for “Mega-Hardox.” A deserving name for a 40 cubic yard (or bigger) body that is skinned on the floor, headboard, sides, and top rail in 3/16” Hardox 450 steel.

Atlas Grapple Loader Diagram
Body StyleConventional Cab
Cab-to-Axle DimensionContact PI for Specifics
Frame2,5000,000 RBM
Frame ThicknessDouble Frame
Engine300 HP Diesel
TransmissionAllison 3000 or 4000 RDS
ElectricalRemote engine & transmission connectors

These are not complete chassis specifications.

Call your Petersen representative about other possible chassis arrangements and for complete chassis specs.

Grapple Loader Hydraulic System


Dual walk-thru controls are located on both sides of the truck for greater accessibility and visibility. QUADSTICK dual joystick controls are fully proportional and mechanically linked to the valve bank.

Grapple Loader Options


This option gives the operator the best line of sight as the seated platform rotates 360 degrees with the boom.