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4 Advantages of Using Grapple Trucks to Collect Waste Materials

Petersen Grapple Trucks and Loaders TL3

Grapple trucks are no ordinary trucks. They are designed in a special way and have added features and functionalities that improve their performance and make them more useful than the regular trucks used for waste collection. A grapple truck is a necessity for every organization involved in waste collection. They will compliment your refuse fleets […]

Why You Need the DL3 High Capacity Grapple Loader for Bulky Trash

DL3 High Capacity Grapple Loader

If you deal with bulky trash, you will know that using a regular loader can be frustrating. It can also be dangerous and costly in the long run. Municipalities, construction companies and many other industries are investing in the right loaders to handle bulky trash, and the DL3 High Capacity grapple loader is one of the best for it.

6 Major Benefits of the TR3 Route Assistant Grapple

TR3 Route Assist Grapple Loader

If you are familiar with Petersen Industries’ TR3 loader, then you should be excited about the Route Assistant it has added to the machine. This new addition has made the TR3 the ultimate Jack-of-all-trades loader. It can be a full-trough system or a half-trough and cart tipper.

MSW Management March/April 2020

MSW Management 2020 News Article

MSW Management March/April 2020 Petersen Industries, Inc. The move away from hand loading bulky waste. MSW Management March/April 2020

Post-Hurricane Season Clean Up

Post-Hurricane Season Clean Up

Now that hurricane season is upon us; it’s time to clean up around the neighborhood with the proper trucks in your fleet. The city has a limited amount of resources, and after a storm, it’s more imperative than ever to assist residents with clearing the streets and sidewalks. Florida is home to natural disasters such […]

Why A Grapple Truck for Bulky Waste?


Every community produces some form of bulky waste. Depending on the type of waste that’s accumulated, specialized equipment and handling is needed to recover every last bit. Like a thief in the night, the waste is collected from the streets without a trace. Grapple trucks are the most crucial component that bulky waste programs are […]

Sidewalk Removal Using Lightning Loaders ®

Rear Steer Grapple Loader

The Lightning Loader is our signature product at Petersen Industries. But not only is it a perfect tool for moving debris, but it’s also incredibly useful when it comes to removing sidewalks. The grapple on a lightning loader is the perfect size to grab an entire section of sidewalk and lift in one piece. Precision […]

Which Lightning Loader® model is right for my trash collection?

grapple loader illegal dump site

When you’re looking to replenish your fleet of trash trucks, you need to make sure that you have the best Lightning Loader® model for trash collection. Nothing says quality, experience, and expertise like Petersen and our line of grapple trucks, but which grapple truck is the best for trash collection? We have the answers right […]

Top Four reasons you’ll Need Grapple Truck


Grapple Trucks are Powerful Tools If you’ve ever seen a grapple truck in action, you know that it is capable of doing many powerful tasks simply and easily. But how can you tell if grapple trucks are right for you? They’re right for these industries, why not yours? Check the top four reasons you will […]