Post-Hurricane Season Clean Up

Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

Post Hurricane Clean Up - Grapple TrucksNow that hurricane season is upon us; it’s time to clean up around the neighborhood with the proper trucks in your fleet. The city has a limited amount of resources, and after a storm, it’s more imperative than ever to assist residents with clearing the streets and sidewalks. Florida is home to natural disasters such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, and most often, hurricanes. With that fact kept in mind, it’s no doubt that Petersen has trucks in their lineup that can alleviate the after-effects.

Substantial Damage & Debris

Of course, throughout the world, there are natural disasters that are geared for each region. For South Florida individually, we endure a six-month hurricane season each year. Whenever we’re lucky enough to pass through those months without taking a hit, it’s a sigh of relief. However, when high-speed winds and floods of rain bombard us, we can expect for debris to spread through our neighborhoods and communities.

Trucks Designated for Clean Up

  • TL-3 – As one of our most popular trash loader trucks, this single operator can haul and dump massive amounts of trash. The TL-3 allows for multiple variations to accommodate the needs of whoever is utilizing the car. With this enormous loader, you’re receiving a maximum lift capacity of 7000 lbs., horizontal and vertical outriggers, and an enclosed hose recoil system.
  • RS-3 – Features you won’t find anywhere else are the abilities to drive in reverse, and not needing outriggers for almost all loading operations. Our Model RS-3 is excellent for high-volume collection and is our most advanced and efficient system for collecting scrap. Operators are looking at an enclosed cab, a tandem pump, suspension locks, several joystick selections, making up a durable, reliable loader.

Petersen Industries

All of our products are built with quality in mind. During a storm, everyone is in survival mode, but when it’s all said and done, that’s when it’s time to get everything back in working order. Our grapple truck loaders are the perfect secret weapon in clearing out debris and post-hurricane season clean up, and it only takes one expert to do it. Save time and labor with our grapple trucks, and make a severe dent in the efforts of your community. For a quote or any questions, please give us a call at (863) 215-7188.

Sidewalk Removal Using Lightning Loaders ®

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

The Lightning Loader is our signature product at Petersen Industries. But not only is it a perfect tool for moving debris, but it’s also incredibly useful when it comes to removing sidewalks. The grapple on a lightning loader is the perfect size to grab an entire section of sidewalk and lift in one piece.

Precision – With 360 degrees continuous grapple rotation; it is easy to precisely position the truck to maximize the load.

Lightning Loader

Endurance – Petersen has the reputation for long service life in the toughest environments. Our loaders able to take anything you throw at them. While also providing a state-of-the-art hydraulic and filter system ensuring optimal usage for a long time.


Strength – Lightning loaders powered by tandem pumps as a standard with more powerful options on our larger loaders. The tandem pump allows the loader to quick lift extremely heavy sections with fluid movement.


Our Quadstick® mechanical joysticks make learning and using this piece of equipment seamless. By combining speed of operation and overall reach, operators are able to remove “over 75 feet of concrete in 15 minutes”.


You just cut along every second or third expansion joint, then lift out the large segments. Most of our customers use a TL-3 with a Hardox body for this application, but it could also be accomplished using a Lightning Rear Steer® that loads into separate dump trucks.

Lightning Loader


Petersen Industries

With Petersen Industries, you know you are buying the highest quality on the market. We’ve been in business for over 6 decades, and it’s no surprise that we come so highly recommended to new and old companies alike. Call us today at (863) 215-7188.


Top Four reasons you’ll Need Grapple Truck

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Grapple Trucks are Powerful Tools

Lightning Loader Grapple truck

If you’ve ever seen a grapple truck in action, you know that it is capable of doing many powerful tasks simply and easily. But how can you tell if grapple trucks are right for you? They’re right for these industries, why not yours? Check the top four reasons you will need a grapple truck.


The Top Industries to Use Grapple Trucks

Green Waste Collection

One of the most common uses nationwide is to collect brush, trees, leaves, shrubs, and grass clippings with a grapple truck. This can be in large bulk piles, bags, or in green waste carts.

Debris Pickup

The flip side of this is to use our trucks for debris pickup;  making it incredibly easy to manage and move a lot of debris. This is invaluable asset for the not only for the waste industry but also the construction industry.

Storm Clean Up

Storms, including hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, wind storms, ice storms, and floods, cause a lot of residential and public damage over time. All of these situations generally result in streets piled with debris that need to be safely collected. The most important part of a disaster readiness plan is to have the equipment you need before the event.


Street Department Maintenance

Black & White picture of a grapple truck

Additionally, the Lightning Loader is the ideal solution for any organization that needs to maintain streets, bridges, drainage. The loader can lift whole sections of sidewalk without needing to break it up further, reach over the side of bridges, and down into ditches.

Petersen Industries

Our TL-3, Rear Steer, and Atlas Lightning Loader units are perfect for picking up debris and hauling it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Let our Lightning Loader® units help you with all your debris collection efforts by saving you time and reducing or eliminating manual labor. We also maintain a rental fleet of Lightning Loaders to help with truck down situations, annual cleanups, and storm seasons; please contact us about availability.

To schedule a demonstration or to obtain a quote, please call 863-215-7188 or email us at sales@petersenind.com

Storm Debris

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Storm Debris Removal

At Petersen Industries, we recognize that clean up after a significant storm can place a strain on both the public and on City resources. We want to help you prepare for any natural disaster, by adding our grapple trucks to your fleet before storm season.

Storm Clean Up ContractorsHurricane Irma left many cities and counties in Florida scrambling to find grapple trucks to collect debris throughout their city. Some cities had private contractors lined up prior to storm season for any possible debris collection needs, only to find that when Irma left the contractors had already taken jobs in Texas cleaning up after Hurricane Harvey. Several cities and private contractors tried to find grapple trucks after the storms passed, only to find the supply did not meet the demand. Our Lightning Loaders can be used year round for your debris and bulky waste collection needs, don’t wait until after the storm passes to realize you should have a grapple truck in your inventory.

With Lightning Loaders in your fleet, you’re ready to start recovery immediately after the storm strikes- whether it is an ice storm, hurricane, or tornado. Petersen understands that a quick response is imperative so that utility trucks can reach downed power lines and utility poles. Many customers find that using our model RS-3 Rear Steer® works great in assisting first responders. Our Rear Steer® unit can fit into smaller spaces and clear roadways fast, allowing emergency personnel and utility trucks to pass through the streets.

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Our TL-3, DL-3, and Atlas Lightning Loader units are perfect for picking up debris and hauling it to the dump as a one-man operation. Let our Lightning Loader® units help you with your storm debris collection efforts more efficient by saving you time and manual labor. We also offer several of our TL-3 Lightning Loaders as rental units, please contact us about availability.
To schedule a demonstration or to obtain a quote, please call 863-215-7188 or email us at sales@petersenind.com


Boom Crane Fundamentals

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

How is a Loader Different than a Boom Crane?

boom crane definition There are countless different cranes on the market. In fact, most cranes can be considered boom crane since the boom is part of the design of a crane. The pedestal is fastened to the platform; which is connected to the head that turns the loader. The main boom is the first section connected to the head, the more mobile, smaller part of the boom is called the tip boom which has a tip extension that connects to gimbal that connects to the bucket cylinder.

We sell loaders which are often called ‘knuckle boom trucks’ loaders because it has multiple joints and resembles the motions of a finger and it knuckles. The knuckle boom loader is classified as a ‘fixed’ loader meaning that it is fixed to a point, in this case, the pedestal is fixed to our trucks.

How do we design our Loaders?

While each of our loaders is designed differently and modified for specific purposes, we are going to focus on the design elements behind our most popular truck, the TL-3 Lightning Loader®.

Lightning Loader truck

The TL-3 Loader has been in operation for over 60 years. While there have been small changes to the design. We still keep three features close to the design philosophy: Strength, durability, and reliability.

Strength – The TL-3 Lightning Loader® offers an impressive 7,100 load capacity along with various body sizes to meet our customer’s needs.

Durability – We manufacture and install 95% of all components in-house. Our loaders are built by highly trained American workers with quality American parts. We use nylatron bushings in the bearing housing and a sealed planetary gearbox to reduce maintenance time.

Reliability – 2017 marks the 60th anniversary of the Lightning Loader®. Our loader has been on the market twice as long as most of our major competitors have been in business. The Lightning Loader® is the most envied, most desired, and most imitated grapple truck in the industry.

Petersen Industries

We are the face of experience, dedication, and amazing boom crane service. Give us a call at (863) 215-7188 or e-mail us at sales@petersenind.com for your demonstration or quote.

Lightning Loader VS. Crane – The Difference?

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Petersen provides the industry standard Lightning Loader as one of our original products. It’s one of the knuckle boom trucks that helped put us on the map many years ago, and it’s still powerful and pertinent to this day. But why is it called the lightning loader and not the lightning crane?