Boom Crane Fundamentals

How is a Loader Different than a Boom Crane?

boom crane definition There are countless different cranes on the market. In fact, most cranes can be considered boom crane since the boom is part of the design of a crane. The pedestal is fastened to the platform; which is connected to the head that turns the loader. The main boom is the first section connected to the head, the more mobile, smaller part of the boom is called the tip boom which has a tip extension that connects to gimbal that connects to the bucket cylinder.

We sell loaders which are often called ‘knuckle boom trucks’ loaders because it has multiple joints and resembles the motions of a finger and it knuckles. The knuckle boom loader is classified as a ‘fixed’ loader meaning that it is fixed to a point, in this case, the pedestal is fixed to our trucks.

How do we design our Loaders?

While each of our loaders is designed differently and modified for specific purposes, we are going to focus on the design elements behind our most popular truck, the TL3 Lightning Loader®.

Lightning Loader truck

The TL3 Loader has been in operation for over 60 years. While there have been small changes to the design. We still keep three features close to the design philosophy: Strength, durability, and reliability.

Strength – The TL3 Lightning Loader® offers an impressive 7,100 load capacity along with various body sizes to meet our customer’s needs.

Durability – We manufacture and install 95% of all components in-house. Our loaders are built by highly trained American workers with quality American parts. We use nylatron bushings in the bearing housing and a sealed planetary gearbox to reduce maintenance time.

Reliability – 2017 marks the 60th anniversary of the Lightning Loader®. Our loader has been on the market twice as long as most of our major competitors have been in business. The Lightning Loader® is the most envied, most desired, and most imitated grapple truck in the industry.

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