TBS/TBH Standard & Heavy Duty Bodies

TBS/TBH Bodies

Solid Bodies For Demanding Jobs

Both our TBS and TBH bodies are built to withstand heavy use, so you can haul brush, concrete, or even cars without a second thought. Unrivaled durability means fewer maintenance headaches, less downtime, and more work done.

Dump 40,000 pounds: A hoist that can dump 4x the legal payload

Bodies That Take a Beating: Heavy gauge steel, and a unique design that uses the floor to reinforce the sides

Minimize Human Error: Positive locking mechanism keeps the barn doors shut tight

Petersen’s model TBH trash dump body was designed for heavier operations like sidewalk removal, large stumps, and C&D waste. Heavy duty style body is also mandatory for higher volume bodies.

  • Sizes range from 20-45 cubic yards
  • Three-year structural warranty
  • Achieves a 45-degree dump angle without ground contact
  • To avoid rust, design incorporates no 90-degree angles on lower portion of body sides
  • All body lights are recessed or flush mounted
  • Body hinges are greaseless 3/16″ fabricated plate, three on each side
TBS/TBH Bodies Specifications
ModelLength (ft.)Volume (cu. Yd.)Side Ht. (ft)Length (cab to axel)Min. GVWR
1820TBH18 ft.20 cu. yd.4 ft.168 C/A33,000
1824TBH18 ft.24 cu. yd.5 ft.168 C/A33,000
1828TBH18 ft.28 cu. yd.6 ft.168 C/A33,000
2026TBH20 ft.26 cu. yd.5 ft.186 C/A35,000
2030TBH20 ft.30 cu. yd.6 ft.186 C/A37,000
2234TBH22 ft.34 cu. yd.6 ft.192 C/A52,000
2240TBH22 ft.40 cu. yd.7 ft.192 C/A56,000

1/4″ single sheet steel plate. Includes 3/16″ reinforcement plates continuously welded between floor and sides.

4″ structural channel on 12″ centers.

8″ structural channel.

3/16″ steel continuously welded to the floor. Loops welded to front for holding tools.

3/16″ steel continuously welded to the floor.

3″ x 5″ x 10 gauge formed channel on 24″ centers. 1/4″ steel plate formed rear corner posts.

Top and bottom positive locks. Three hinges per door with two 5/8″ thick straps.

Venco 6620 dual cylinder hydraulic cylinder hoist. 22 ft. long bodies receive 35 ton Scott LL3000 telescopic hoist. Body achieves 45-degree dump angle without contacting the ground.

Meets federal lighting standards. Elevated brake lights for increased visibility and safety.

High-grade primer and enamel finish.

HDX HARDOX® Body roll up

Petersen Industries Self-Winding Load Cover

HDX HARDOX® Body strobe

Rear Strobe – Mounted on Underride

TBS/TBH Bodies strobe guard

Brush guard for single rear strobe

HDX HARDOX® Body flashers

Amber LED Flashers Mounted in Rear Corner Posts

HDX HARDOX® Body toolbox

Tool Box – Mounted under Body

Additional Options:

  • Continuous welds for side posts
  • Tool box inside body, locking door each side
  • Tool box, truck frame mounted under body
  • Parker S64 single telescopic hoist
  • Hand loading door
  • Body dump alarm
  • Steel mud flaps in front of rear wheels
  • Wire loom for body wiring
  • Steel conduit for exposed body wiring
  • LED lights