Storm Debris Collection using Grapple Trucks

Stevens Tree Service in Dunedin, FL, using a TL-3 for a large tree removal job.

With all the recent hurricanes in Florida, we’ve learned first-hand just how important it is to be prepared before the storm strikes. Many cities and counties were scrambling to buy grapple trucks, and the supply just wasn’t available. Prices on the few used units that were available skyrocketed due to the demand. Don’t get caught in this situation. Add grapple trucks to your fleet BEFORE storm season!

Grapple truck being used to collect storm debris

Rochester NY has used their TL-3’s for icestorm recovery in the past.

With Lightning Loaders in your fleet, you’re ready to start recovery immediately after the storm strikes- whether it is an ice storm, hurricane, or tornado. Petersen understands that a quick response is imperative so that utility trucks can reach downed power lines and utility poles.

Model RS-3 Lightning Rear Steer® used for storm recovery

FEMA contractors have used our model RS-3 Lightning Rear Steer® systems for storm recovery after hurricanes and tornadoes.

One of our customers, Greg Starr from Texas, received a FEMA contract to clean up after Hurricane Katrina. Greg purchased a used Petersen demo truck for this large task and reported the following results:

He was averaging about 1,000 yds a day of regular debris, working 6 days per week this added up to approximately $4,000 a day. He picked up 600 yds on other days allocated to just picking up C&D material (such as destroyed buildings). Greg said he only used about 1/2 of a tank of diesel per day.

A Lightning Loader® system is worth considering if you are entering the storm recovery business.