Brush Removal using Grapple Trucks

Grapple Truck being used for brush removal

The City of St. Augustine, FL, utilizes Petersen’s TL-3 to load brush.

The Petersen Lightning Loader® grapple truck was originally developed for brush and trash collection. Our boom and bucket were specially designed so as to avoid snaggs on branches. An example of this precaution can be seen in our single cylinder bucket. Because the bucket opens, closes, and rotates using only one cylinder, there is no need for hoses below the bucket rotator…making for a much cleaner bucket design. It’s these little details that keep your unit on the route working instead of sitting in the shop.

Brush removal can be a time consuming, expensive job. But when you have the right equipment, the task becomes much more efficient. Whether you’re clearing trees and bushes in a residential environment or clearing land for new building, you need equipment that can stand up to hard work. That’s why we offer an extensive selection of heavy-duty brush removal products that handle the job quickly and safely, saving you man-hours and keeping expenses down.

The Lightning Loader®

The Lightning Loader® is Petersen’s flagship product. It has the strength and durability to handle heavy-duty demolition tasks, but also has specific features that make it ideal for brush removal. The bucket is built to avoid snagging on branches with its unique single cylinder design. This attention to detail, plus Petersen’s dedication to quality and durability, makes the Lighting Loader® the smartest choice for the job.


The TL-3 is the most popular of our Lightning Loader® models and perfect for brush removal tasks of all types. Additionally, a 20-foot boom and anti-scalping trash bucket, it turns your trickiest, most challenging tasks into simple, stress-free jobs. The Lightning Loader® is designed to load, haul, and dump, adding efficiency to every step of the process.

Spend some time looking through the different brush removal options and body sizes that Petersen offers to find the right one for you. Once you finish here, contact your local Petersen dealer or contact us directly to learn more or request a quote.

Grapple truck being used for brush removal

Winston, an operator in Sebring, FL, uses his TL-3 to remove residential brush.