4 Advantages of Using Grapple Trucks to Collect Waste Materials

Petersen Grapple Trucks and Loaders TL3Grapple trucks are no ordinary trucks. They are designed in a special way and have added features and functionalities that improve their performance and make them more useful than the regular trucks used for waste collection.

A grapple truck is a necessity for every organization involved in waste collection. They will compliment your refuse fleets and offer remarkable benefits. Here are four advantages of using grapple trucks to collect waste materials:

They Are Safer

The safety of your workers should be the most important thing while picking up waste material, and a grapple truck is designed to improve this. With grapple trucks, you do not require a lot of people to do the loading and disposal-related tasks. Even when you need to collect debris in construction and industrial sites, you need one of two people when a grapple truck is involved.

An automated grapple truck eliminates the need for workers to physically haul bulky waste. There are records to show that grapple trucks have significantly reduced the number of job-site accidents relating to waste collection. This advantage will also reduce the insurance load of your company.

They Are More Versatile

Versatility is another big advantage grapple trucks bring to companies involved in waste removal. They are so powerful and equipped with the right features to handle all kinds of waste removal, including bulky trash, municipal waste, construction waste, and industrial waste removal.

In addition to the fact that grapple trucks are heavy-duty trucks, they work with dump bodies, roll-offs, and flatbeds. They can be loaded to their full capacity, and they are much more efficient.

They Offer Better Efficiency

TL3 Trash Truck Grapple Loader dual joystick walkthroughTechnological innovations are mostly geared towards improving efficiency in everything we do. That is exactly what the grapple truck represents in waste collection. Contrary to what is obtainable with the standard waste removal process, using grapple trucks requires a few hands on the site. Actually, a single person can handle the process of removing waste with a grapple truck, a job that requires three to four people if a traditional truck is being used.

In addition to requiring less manpower, grapple trucks can continuously load and dispose of waste materials with ease. They can significantly reduce the time needed to clean up the site.

They Offer Improved Sustainability

Grapple trucks are clearly the most sustainable machines for collecting waste materials at the moment. The fact that they use grapple claws and ensure precision picking means that there is little or no chance of damaging the surrounding landscape and vegetation.

Grapple trucks are currently used in a number of industries, including waste management, forestry, construction, and more. We have discussed just four advantages they bring to waste collection. You will certainly enjoy these and many other benefits when you add grapple trucks to your refuse fleets.

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