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Grapple trucks and Grapple loaders can make your operations of bulk waste collection and storm debris much safer and efficient. You found Petersen Industries, home to the original, legendary Petersen Lightning Loader®. For 60 years, Petersen Industries has served customers throughout the world, with our focus on manufacturing in-house and offering industry-leading knuckle boom loaders and dump bodies. Our heavy-duty Lightning Loaders® are known worldwide for safe and efficient bulky waste collection, and container transport.

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How Many Ways Can You Use Your New Grapple Truck?

They just make everything easier... in fact, you wouldn't believe all the great things you can use your Grapple Truck or Loader for!

Our Flagship Product –
The Lightning Loader®

Though we offer many designs, our flagship product is the Lightning Loader® Grapple Truck. When you need heavy-duty collection and transport power, the Lightning Loader® delivers. The Lightning Loader® is a grapple truck that’s built to collect even the toughest loads. It gets difficult jobs done safely and efficiently, saving you money and man-hours. With several different models available, we have the solution to your current waste collection and hauling needs.

Petersen products make even the toughest jobs easier. Call us to talk to one of our experts about available options or to schedule a demonstration. Whether you know exactly what you need, or you’d like our advice on the right solution, we’re ready to meet your needs for trash collectionbrush collection, citrus loading, container transportdemolition, or any other heavy-duty job.

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We offer Petersen grapple loaders for sale — both as an add-on to your current vehicle or as a completely new system. Spend some time browsing our products and applications to see how Petersen Industries can make your operations safer and more efficient, or visit your local Petersen dealer for a personal consultation and to see our grapple loaders and grapple trucks in person.

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